At the start of the year we announced a brand refresh for SCVO. We want SCVO to be easy to understand and engage with so our members and the wider sector can benefit from as much of what we offer as possible. And we think a strong brand has a big part to play in this.

It’s a big job – we have a core brand and numerous well-known sub-brands, as well as two high profile annual events.

The challenge – to bring consistency and a sense of unity while still embracing the individual personalities of our products and services.

Back in January we launched the refreshed The Gathering and Scottish Charity Awards brands which are more closely aligned with the new SCVO brand:

The feedback so far has been very positive and we’re now rolling out the new core SCVO brand online:

We’re really pleased with the new website already and there’s lots more to come – various new navigation, design and content elements will go live over the next few weeks too.

The thing that keeps me up at night? The scale of the job. We can’t simply settle on a new brand and launch it overnight, and we think it would be wrong to try. Instead, we’re drip feeding the changes over a period of about six months so we can learn and adapt as we go. We’re giving ourselves time to really bring the brand to life – so it’s not just colours and fonts, it’s a complete and unified identity that brings together all the important work we do and will stand the test of time.

An agile process like this can feel complex and messy at times but it’s important to trust the approach. As we’re already discovering, it allows you to move faster and make changes as you go rather than being rigid and tied to pre-defined solutions.

Next, we’ll be refreshing our other sub-brands including goodmoves, Third Force Newsand Funding Scotland. We’ll be looking at how we can keep valuable elements of their current brands while aligning them more closely with the new SCVO brand.

Exciting times! Watch this space for the next instalment of our brand story.