I’m really excited to be joining the Fair Work Convention, taking over from Henry Simmons of Alzheimer’s Scotland.  Henry has contributed to the convention since it was set up and led its work on social care, so they’re big shoes to fill.

The convention’s work includes a framework, as well as a self-assessment tool so you can test how fair your workplace is.  SCVO recently tried out the self-assessment with our own staff and it’s helped us identify a couple of things we’d like to improve. 

It would be hard to argue with the Fair Work Principles that the convention, with the support of Scottish Government and others – like the trade union movement – want to become the norm in workplaces across Scotland.

The Fair Work Principles:

  • Effective voice
  • Opportunity
  • Security
  • Fulfilment
  • Respect

But, as we all know, some things are easier to say than to achieve. So at SCVO we’re doing a bit of work on what Fair Work means for voluntary organisations. If you employ staff, what kind of employer are you? If you’re a worker, what does it feel like for you? What would make a real difference?  What can we do to help?

To help us with this, and to help me best contribute to the convention, I’d love to hear your views on these three things:

  • Do you think you’re following the principles in your workplace?
  • What would help you to do that better?
  • How could Scottish Government and others support your organisation and the wider sector towards fair work?

You can email me with your thoughts on these questions, or any other thoughts you have on this.

My colleague, Sheghley Ogilvie, is also interested in learning from voluntary sector organisations making progress on Fair Work. To share your priorities, book a short informal meeting with Sheghley.